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In accordance with the new regulations, S.C.A. SANTA MARÍA informs users about the cookies that it uses, the reason for their use and requests your consent for that use. Acceptance of the use of cookies on our website supposes acceptance in each and every one of the sections under our domain (

The cookies are a tool used by web servers to store and recover information about visitors. They are small text files which we send to your computer to obtain anonymous statistics on the visitors to our website.

The cookies are “first-party cookies”, managed by the domain that you are visiting ( and from which you request a specific service, or “third-party cookies” sent to your computer from a domain other than that you are visiting.

If you wish, you can decide on the presence on your computer of the cookies used. You can configure your browser to accept or reject, by default, all of the cookies, or to receive an on-screen warning of the reception of each cookie and decide, at that time, on the use of the cookie on your device.

Since the cookies that we use are, in general, for all of the users of, in the case that you wish to modify them, you can manage the cookies using the tools of your own browser.

Internet Explorer.

Cookies are essential for the operation of Internet, bringing innumerable advantages for the provision of interactive services. However, their shared use between different websites has generated concern in the context of personalised advertising.

This document will help you to understand the different types of cookie that we use and their purpose. As an additional guarantee, the acceptance of cookies can at any time be revoked using the content configuration and privacy options available.


S.C.A. SANTA MARÍA uses Google Analytics in order to obtain statistical information about use made by visitors to the portal, such as, for example, which pages were visited or whether any technical problems were encountered in accessing certain pages. These cookies do not allow the user to be identified, since the information gathered is anonymous and is used exclusively for the purpose of improving page design and navigation on the portal, statistics regarding use, the speed of searches, measurement of website activity, etc.


Our website uses cookies to offer you a better service. You can change the configuration and obtain further information here.

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