Origin of Oleobercho Olive Oil

Tradition, Work and Innovation

Olive tradition in the Mediterranean Culture

The olive oil is a vegetal oil arising of olives, an oleaginous plant. The uses of olive oil along the history was not only culinarys, but has also been used in cosmetics, medicine, perfumes, lighting, etc.

The olive tree is one of the first cultivated plants and from his fruit, the olive, we obtain the olive oil. This product is a unique oil that coming from a 100% vegetal juice. Some authors considers that the olive oil crop began in the period between from 4000 to 3000 a. C. in an indeterminate place of the Mediterranean Levante. This long journey transformed the olive oil production and the olive cultivation in a fundamental part of the destiny of the nations and empires of the Mediterranean area.

The tradition of olive oil match with an important part of the mediterranean culture, as well as the evolution of agricultural activity. The history of olive oil is linked to that of wine and bread, play a part in the fundamental food group in the mediterranean culture of the villages that are located on its coasts.

Jaen like EVOO Productor

Jaen is the world leader in the crop of olive trees and the production of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. In Jaén is produced more than 20% of all the Olive Oil in the world.

The perfect environment for olive crop is between latitudes 30º and 45º, so the Mediterranean climate of Jaén is perfect for proper growth. Jaén has 60 million olive trees. 550 thousand hectares. Jaén is a sea of olive trees

Pegalajar and Bercho

The Bercho is a land confermed for slopes and dales and located in the mountain's slope of the almaden peak, with 2036 meters of height at sea level. Is an area of singular charm, with broken lands and many slopes, owned by small farmers of the olive grove for centuries. Are land with a lot of water but have a lot of work and a big difficult in order to get the crop. the result is an unique olive oil: bright, with fruity aroma and flavors from the softest to the most intense.


Result of tradition and the effort of a lot of generations emerged our company in 1968; SCA Santa María. To this tradition of effort and generosity we unite our rich fields.

Oleobercho Oils are produced completely mechanically, using a natural decanting system and at minimum temperatures (cold extraction), without the intervention of any chemical product.

SCA Santa María has national and international customers due to the excellent reputation of our olive oils both in Spain and the rest of the world


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