250ml Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Format: Glass

Shipment in boxes of 12 bottles.

Picual variety.

Year 2020-21

Excellent for tasting.

Olive type

Picual Variety

This variety is characterized by its high intensity and flavor, making it a strong and powerful oil. As well its needed highlight the big health benefits which are associated with it due to its high oleic acid content.


Below 800 meters high


This olive oil is considered premium because of its characteristics and harvest time that give it all the elements to be placed in the highest quality scale.

The early harvest of the olives takes place from mid-October to mid-November at lower latitudes that cause the olives to ripen more slowly making it not reach its final point of maturation.

This do that the olive oil have a most intense and shiny coloured, with a more vivid taste and smell. This properties makes it ideal for consume raw with which you can appreciate all the nuances of its flavor.

Tasting note

Olive Leaf – Tomato – Grass – Almond – Artichoke

One of the most impressive characteristic of the olive oil in the picual variety is its slightly bitter flavour and in the case of the younger olive oils his light itching that the consumer will feel when tasting it.

In the case of this variety in the early harvest version its intense herbaceous aroma is distinguished, associated with the olive leaf, the grass, the fig tree and the tomato.


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