1l Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin Can


Format: Tin can

Shipment in boxes of 12 tins.

Picual variety.

Year 2020-21

Excellent for cooking and tasting.

Olive type

Picual Variety

This variety is characterized by its high intensity and flavor, making it a strong and powerful oil. As well its needed highlight the big health benefits which are associated with it due to its high oleic acid content.


Between 600 and 2167 meters high

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Even through the harvest of the olive oil is done from november to late January, are october, november and december the key months in which the olive has a higher quality and 
an optimum maturation giving as result extra virgin olive oil.

This product is 100% olive juice that has been extracted and obtained through mechanical processes and to which no additives or preservatives of any kind have been added. The acidity level must be lower than 0.8º confirming with it all those health benefits features that are associated with olive oil.

Tasting note

Olive Leaf – Tomato – Grass – Almond – Artichoke

This olive oil underscore because its fruity taste and the balance between bitter nuances and spicy that remain on the palate after its intake.


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