Mediterranean Sausage with Gourmet Olive Oil

The sausages, along with olive oil, are part of the traditional mediterranean diet and are a fundamental source of vitamin B1, B2 and niacin. However, the sausages must be consume with restraint for its high fat content. The regular consumption of sausages in the diet is a tradition that date back to ancient Rome, where the words “longaniza” (spicy pork sausage) and “salchichón” (pork sausage) derive from the roman names Lucanica and Salcicius. Among the huge variety of mediterranean sausages, the most valued and healthy are cheese and cured ham. Both of them are symbols of spanish gourmet gastronomy and the art of Good food.

Type os dish


Ingredients for two people


  1. Cut ham into thin slices of a maximun lenght of 3 centimeters and aside to use it later. If the ham comes already sliced divide into small individual pieces.
  2. Cut the cheese into triangles with a maximun of half centimeter thickness and reserve. If the cheese is already cut, use it as is.
  3. Serve the cheese and ham in a large plate dividinf half of the plate for each one.
  4. Add the extra virgin olive oil of early harvest Bercho just before serving, distributing homogeniusly in both products so that each portion receives a light touch of the taste of the oil.


 This recipe is so easy and can be acompany with a glass of red wine. It can also be comined with a slide of fresh bread spread with tomato and raw garlic.


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